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DC has three related homicide charges:

First Degree Homicide: First Degree Homicide is any murder in which a person is deliberately killed with premeditated malice. Essentially, the murderer intended to kill the decedent, and made preparations for it beforehand. First Degree Homicide is also charged when someone is killed (accidentally or on purpose) during the commission of another felony, such as during First Degree Sexual Abuse, Robbery, Rioting, or a felony involving a controlled substance.
Second Degree Homicide: Second Degree Homicide is any murder in which a person intentionally kills someone, but does not plan it beforehand. So, if a person deliberately kills another, but did not prepare beforehand, it is Second Degree Homicide.
Manslaughter: Manslaughter is the accidental killing of another, and is divided into two different sub-offenses. Voluntary Manslaughter is the intentional killing of a human being, but in circumstances that mitigate the act. This can include things like heat of passion conflict (such as a heated argument turning violent) or an act of self-defense. Involuntary Manslaughter is the unintentional killing of a human being where there are no mitigating circumstances or the accused disregarded the extreme risk of death. 

Maryland’s homicide charges differ slightly, but generally align to the same definitions. Regardless of which offense is indicted, the penalties are severe, running from 20 years to life in prison. Prosecutors often consider homicides the most serious type of offense, and are especially keen to secure convictions in these cases. Having experienced counsel in your homicide case is critical to avoiding decades of jail time. Mr. Norris cut his teeth on homicide cases, and was the Lead Attorney for Homicides at the DC Public Defender Service. He has represented hundreds of clients in homicide matters, including *** from Kevin Gray’s Murder Inc. conspiracy. [Link here for the media coverage if available.] Mr. Norris has also handled large-scale Urban Gun Battle cases involving multiple shooters, and cold case multiple homicides (more than one decedent). Mr. Norris will hold the government accountable for every allegation, every motion and every proffer, fighting for your rights and your freedom every step of the way.