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Drug Offenses

Drug offenses is a wide range of crimes, including:

  • Simple Possession: This is simply the ownership and control of a controlled substance, for your own use. While it is now legal to possess 2oz or less of marijuana, other controlled substances, such as cocaine, PCP and heroin are all strictly criminalized.  
  • Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWID): More serious than Simple Possession, a PWID charge indicates the police believe you are selling drugs to others. This is most commonly the case when someone is arrested with a large quantity of drugs, as the police automatically assume the defendant intended to sell those drugs.
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: This charge often tags along with PWID, and refers to possession of items that the police associate with drug dealers and drug sales. When discovered near drugs, digital scales, small plastic baggies, razor blades, and small vials are assumed to be related to the distribution and sale of drugs, leading to this charge. 
  • Manufacturing a Controlled Substance: From cooking meth to growing marijuana, this charge encompasses any sort of production of drugs. 

Drug cases are further complicated by the many ways police discover narcotics: search warrants, undercover buy-busts, sting operations and simple bad luck all make your case different from any other. Mr. Norris has years of experience trying drug crimes in DC, Maryland and Federal court. This includes everything from a youngster arrested while carrying a few joints, to US v. Adrian Jackson, a Federal District Court case involving the largest single drug bust in DC history. Thanks to Mr. Norris, Mr. Jackson left the courtroom acquitted of all charges. If you or your loved one is charged with any drug crime, Mr. Norris is happy to step up and fight the charges!