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Domestic Violence

A domestic violence case is a special type of misdemeanor cases in which both the defendant and the complainant are part of the same family unit. This includes actual blood relatives, spouses, past/present romantic partners, and even roommates. The key factor is a shared living arrangement and/or a close personal relationship. Simple assault, stalking, destruction of property, threats and various misdemeanor sex offenses are all included under the umbrella of domestic violence. This variety makes domestic violence a complicated offense, as every indictment carries a unique mixture of charges, relationships and evidence.  

Mr. Norris has handled a great many domestic violence cases. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, Mr. Norris has seen the underlying offenses hundreds of times. Domestic violence charges are very serious, and if you or a loved one are charged with such an offense, it is imperative you secure legal counsel. Having an experienced trial attorney fighting on your behalf is critical for beating the charges and clearing your name.