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College Proceedings

College disciplinary matters are a special species of criminal adjudication, and focus on a select number of offenses, such as underage drinking, drug possession, fake ID possession, unreasonably loud noise, sexual assault, assault, plagiarism and/or hazing. 

Mr. Norris knows how important your case is, and how scary it is to face the loss of scholarships, suspension and expulsion. While defense attorneys cannot directly argue for you in front of the disciplinary panel, retaining a defense attorney is still critical, as their expertise will help you navigate the labyrinth of college disciplinary codes, standards of proof, and cross-examination. Furthermore, if the college or university decides to forward the case to the police, a defense attorney will help prevent your university disciplinary matter from hurting you in your formal criminal case. Mr. Norris has plenty of experience in these matters, and brings his well-honed courtroom experience to campus. Mr. Norris will guide you through then entire university disciplinary process, and advise you on how to best question your accuser, present evidence, and argue your case.